CEO’s Statement


A Statement From Our CEO

A company does not last 25 years by standing still. It endures by an unwavering commitment to its mission. The Regeneration Project’s mission is to support children and adolescents with mental health challenges in becoming healthy and productive individuals in their community. We focus on establishing daily routines, utilizing community resources, developing skills needed to succeed in the school setting and facilitate the holistic wellness of the consumer.

If you were to look back, I am certain that you can think of someone special in your life that had an influence on your success. Be that from something they said to you, a deed or simply just by being an example for you, that person left an indelible mark on your life. Often times that person doesn’t even know, and may never know how much they’ve influenced you. Nevertheless, they changed your life for the better and helped you to change your thinking which would then lead to you changing your life.

At The Regeneration Project, we relish the opportunity to be “that person” to a child deemed at-risk who has been entrusted to our care. While a participant in our program, the child and family has the opportunity to develop a relationship with a TRP staff person. It is this relationship that brings about the influence needed to de-escalate a crisis situation, achieve academic goals and/or support the child in learning to adhere to the rules and limits of the home, school and community settings.

As TRP prepares to embark on our 26th year in business, we’re proud of the role we’ve played in the communities we serve. Each new era brings about opportunities to renew our commitment to help bring about healthy, safe and strong families that meets the needs of their children. We know that with great opportunities come great responsibilities and TRP embraces this challenge. We commit to serving families with dedication, vigor, and competence, a combination which has distinguished us for nearly twenty three years.


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