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Life Coaching With The Regeneration Project

This is the creation process or “where the rubber meets the road.” We assist our consumer’s with identifying their Personal Legend. This is the primary reason and purpose of one’s life.

Upon identifying the “Personal Legend,” we assist our consumer’s with developing goals via a Life Plan in the various Life Domain areas. Moreover, we assist our consumer’s with learning to Value the Relationship with oneself and others. Ultimately, we seek to help our consumer’s acknowledge that Love, happiness and prosperity are your birth rite.

Out with the old and in with the new. Circumstances and situations, be they real or perceived often prohibit us from achieving our full potential. We support our consumer’s with unlearning and dismissing old and current patterns of speech, action, belief systems and emotional responses.

We do this through the process of expanding our consumer’s “why.” When the “why” expands, the potential for success increases exponentially. The Life Coach will explain, demonstrate and create the opportunity to participate for our Consumer’s in their own process for success.

We accept that all people desire something good for themselves despite what it looks like in the present moment. We believe that the Life Coach will serve as the conduit between less than and Success in the lives of our consumer’s.

Unlike school on any level, we explore “Thinking” as a subject matter to be conceptualized, visualized, analyzed, experienced, evaluated, re-evaluated and lived experientially.

In summary, we desire for our consumer’s to:

  • Identify His/Her Personal Legend
  • Accept that He/She Loves Self
  • Unlearn Previous & Current Attitudes of Low Expectations & Disbelief
  • Create the Vision of Success
  • Expand His/Her “Why” to Move to Do for a Reason Rather than Doing Because of Habit
  • Break Down the Micro Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional & Physical Barriers to Change
  • Develop Tools to Move Forward to Accomplish Goals
  • Create the Intestinal Fortitude to Change His/Her Thinking
  • Act on the New Thoughts to Create a New Reality.
  • Refuse to Live an Un-lived Life


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